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Junior Neighbourhood Support Achiever of the year 2017

There were 3 recipients of these awards this year. 

Belfast School's  Kaleb O'Callahan

for his bravery shown when his grandfather collapsed, while his grandmother rang 111,  he ran to the school office to get help and some blanket then went to the school gate to guide in the ambulance. His actions were potentially life saving. We are very proud of him.



Beckenham School's  Abby Cockfield and Charlotte O'Connor

For the bravery shown when they got a toddler out of a swimming pool after he fell in unnoticed, their actions were potentially life- saving. We are very proud of them.



Junior Neighbourhood Support Achiever of the Year 2016

2016 saw 3 recipients of the JNS Achiever of the Year Award. Bamford Primary School's Liam Paintin and Navian-Jay White received the award for their quick response to get out, a child who had fallen into the Heathcote River. 

South New Brighton's Jack Watkinson also received the award for his efforts to help an injured fisherman, calling 111 and directing the ambulance to meet them on a street near the estuary.



Elissa Smith

Co ordinator for Junior Neighbourhood Support


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