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Our aim is:

 "To promote a sense of Pride, Safety and Community Spirit in children, their schools and their wider community"

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain how the Junior Neighbourhood Support Programme is developing into the future. As I have come into this job with a teaching back ground, I desired to have more time in schools with the children so I have trialled adding focuses to the programme that use the important messages that children need to learn to enhance their own safety and to be able to help others.

We know there are many strong messages targeted to children, you may know some of them well; 'Get Down, Get Low, Get out',  'Cool Kids Wear Lids' and 'Stan's got a Plan'. Each generation of children need to learn these but resources to get to schools can be limited especially for example; when your core function is to put out fires and attend car crashes! As I have an on-going relationship with the JNS Schools, it is perfect for me to reinforce those important messages over the school year.

This is where the JNS Leaders have a great role. I question the leaders, 'What do you think your school needs to learn to be safe?' and 'What could the children or the school benefit from?' We then put this into action in a project form.

Currently there is a huge variety in what the leaders choose at each school, from designing a safe bike track, Tee Shirts that celebrate your suburb to Emergency Evacuation Procedures in Pictures and Travel Safe to School maps.

This has increased the number of children who are impacted by the programme greatly and up-skills the JNS Leaders to become community leaders in future. 

Here is what Jayla a year 6 JNS leader at Bamford School has to say: "I'm very happy that I was chosen to be a JNS leader, I like doing plays at assembly that teach my school about how to be safe. Elissa comes and spends special time with us which is fun".

And Katherine a year 8 JNS leader from Mt Pleasant says "Elissa helps us come up with so many fun ways for us to teach our school and wider community how to stay safe."


Take care,



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