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Community Roadwatch Report and *555

There are two ways that you can let the Police know about traffic incidents and bad driving that you witness. The Community Roadwatch Report is for minor non-urgent incidents and the mobile phone number *555 is for more pressing concerns but neither replaces dialling 111 in an emergency.

Community Roadwatch Report
This report is used by the Police to advise the owner of a motor vehicle about driving behaviour you have observed and reported but your name is kept confidential and not disclosed.

The report is suitable to use in a variety of situations such as when you see a driver overtaking on no passing lines or in the face of oncoming traffic causing another driver to take evasive action. It can be used to report a driver who crosses the centre line on bends, follows too closely or travels too slowly and holds up other vehicles.

The report can be completed and sent from your computer or you can download a copy to complete and post it to police or deliver to your nearest police station. It is a good idea to keep a copy in your vehicle so that if you need to you can complete a report while the incident is still fresh in your mind.

Click here to view, complete or download the Community Roadwatch Report.

The mobile phone number *555 is used to report traffic incidents. It may be used to report minor crashes (non-injury), continuous poor driving, traffic congestion, breakdowns, and obstructions on the highway etc.

This number is not intended to take the place of the 111 emergency number. Any incident requiring immediate attention (injury, danger etc) should be reported by dialling 111. *555 calls are treated as routine calls and are answered with lesser priority than 111 calls.

*555 should not be used to report driving incidents that are minor or no longer continuing to be a danger to the public. The process for reporting these incidents is to call at a police station or complete a Community Roadwatch Report.


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