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Driver licence renewal

Drivers over 75 or turning 75 next birthday and renewing their photo drivers licence, are required to produce a medical certificate (which includes an eyesight test) in order to renew their licences. This licence will only be valid until they turn 80 and not for the 10 year period that applies to younger drivers.

At age 80 the licence must be renewed again. This time the driver must provide another medical certificate and undergo a practical driving test. These requirements need to be fulfilled every two years from age 80. The renewal application fee is currently $18.30, which includes the cost of the photo driver licence. The practical driver assessment costs $41.00 and the medical certificate is an additional cost.

More information is available from the Land Transport Safety Authority.

To help drivers maintain their mobility, there are provisions that allow for people to hold their licences under special conditions. For example, driving may be restricted to daytime hours, or to a particular area. Older drivers who sit their practical test in an automatic vehicle will have an "automatic only" condition on their licence and may only drive automatic vehicles unless they have a supervisor with them or re-sit the practical test again in a manual vehicle.

2006 Changes

From 4 December 2006, the on-road driving test will be abolished and drivers will need only a medical certificate to renew their licences. The current requirement to get a medical certificate at ages 75, 80, 82 and every two years after that will continue.

Doctors with concerns about a person's ability to drive will have the option of referring a 'medically fit' driver over 75 for a driving test.

Educational material will be made available and the 'Safe With Age' driver refresher course will be expanded and anyone who attends this course will be eligible for a subsidised private on-road driving lesson from 2007.


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