Neighbour Hood Support

The Ideal Neighbourhood Support Group

The ideal Neighbourhood Support Group is one where members:

  • Communicate with each other when they are going on holiday or leaving the house overnight.
  • Meet regularly to discuss common concerns.
  • Notify each other of anything suspicious that is currently happening in their neighbourhood.
  • Respect each other's confidences.
  • Offer support to any of their neighbours who have been victims.
  • Keep each other informed of any criminal activity that has happened or is happening around their area.
  • Are aware of any physical limitations that any neighbours may have (young children, disabled, elderly etc.).
  • Are aware of the resources that are available within the neighbourhood.
  • Have worked out how that will deal with various situations that may confront their community.
  • Have arranged "emergency signals" and have rehearsed those signals. This is particularly useful for people living on their own.
  • Notify the police of "suspicious behaviour" or any activity that threatens life or property.
  • Take early positive action when required.
  • Are aware of the safety of children on the street.
  • Take basic crime prevention measures to secure their property.
  • Upgrade security at times when premises are being vacated.
  • Regularly update records of the neighbours within their group and pass them on to the neighbourhood support co-ordinator.
  • Keep their group list with telephone numbers immediately on hand.


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