Neighbour Hood Support
Additional considerations when setting up a Neighbourhood Support Group

If you are fortunate to live in a low crime area it is still important to be a good neighbour, to learn safe practices and remain alert to the potential for crime and how to prepare to deal with civil emergencies, pandemic and fire safety. 

It is best to personally meet with and invite your neighbours if you can. It helps to establish face to face contact and get commitment.
Don’t be put off if someone doesn’t wish to be involved, this is his or her choice. If there is a neighbour you don’t trust, use your judgement, at least they will be aware that a group is operating in their street/area.

There may be a very good reason for a particular family to be excluded from your group and if so it may be appropriate to explain to them the reasons why. For example, a member of the family could be a known criminal and information passed on to the family such as contact details could be accessible to this person and his or her friends.

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